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Functionality and beauty are our primary objectives


We create housing and other mobile solutions from shipping containers, by doing this we are solving housing problems, saving the environment and creating jobs. Our solutions are manufactured from our plant in Cape Town and can be shipped anywhere nationally or internationally.

Use containers as modular blocks

Containers can be used singularly, joined or stacked to get any size combination that is perfect for you.

Houses that wont break the bank

Our solutions are designed to keep costs down while still delivering superior products

Lead Times

We complete the units in our factory which results in quicker lead times

Think of the environment

We have incorporated our need for Sustainability into our products, with a range of options available to help save money while being kind to the environment

Portable solutions
Get them anywhere

Homes and other solutions can be delivered anywhere locally or worldwide

Strength & Durability
Our houses are built to last

These houses can withstand any weather conditions. Containers are built to withstand even the most extreme sea-weather

Multi Uses
Limited only by your imagination

Containers can be converted into anything- private homes; offices; schools; malls; stores; medical facilities; childcare facilities; the list is endless….


Houses do not need a full concrete foundation provided the site is level, compacted and free of any obstructions.

Get yours now

There are hundreds of containers just waiting to be up-cycled

Community Upliftment
Be the light you want to see in the world

Through our training programs, our staff are empowered with new skills and much needed upliftment

Our Launch Video
Crafted with Love

Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts is changing the face of the South African housing industry by making use of alternative building systems to create beautiful, modular housing with minimal lead-times.

Our methods are eco-friendly, sustainable and can be used on almost any terrain.

Shipping Containers?

these are just a few of the many reasons to build with  shipping containers.

Proudly South Africa
Cape Town Based

With our home base in Cape Town, South Africa, we have the ability to send our solutions anywhere in the world as well as the desire to stay close to our roots.

Solutions for anywhere

Our units are designed for use anywhere, even in areas where traditional building would be a logistical challenge or an astronomical cost. We can arrange delivery to nearly any location.

Complete Turnkey Solution
Delivered ready to operate

By shipping complete units, we save time and money by providing a unit that is ready to operate on delivery.

Beautiful Shipping Container Homes
That stand out from the rest

All designs must conform to our basic principles of being beautiful, functional and energy efficient.

Our Founders with Big Ideas

The company was founded with the mission of providing  housing  to those those most in need 

  • Brad Berman

Brad Berman

With vast experience in the property industry, Brad brings a wealth of experience to the company

  • Nick Thomatos

Nick Thomatos
Manufacturing Genius

Nick brings decades of manufacturing expertise to the company

  • Alicia Kalil

Alicia Kalil

with a sales and marketing background, Alicia co-founded the company to make a difference to all

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Some of Our Work

Wide range of shipping container homes and other projects.

Container Housing
Medical Clinics

We have a variety of
shipping container solutions

to suit any need, these are some popular examples

Bachelor Pad

/6m Shipping Container.

Open plan configuration
Bathroom with shower, toilet, basin
Kitchenette with 2 plate gas burner
100l solar geyser included

2 bedroom Unit

/12m Shipping Container.

12m 1 or 2 bedroom unit
1 bathroom with shower, toilet basin
Kitchen with oven, hob, extractor
100l Solar Geyser Included

12+6 Combo

/12m+6m Shipping Container.

12m+6m container joined at the centre
2 or 3 Bedrooms
Bathroom with shower, toilet & Basin
Kitchen with oven, hob, extractor
100l Solar Geyser Included

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