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The Second Life of Shipping Containers

“Strong, stackable and mobile, the potential uses for out-of-service shipping containers are nearly unlimited – and, also, not well known. Maersk Line Container Sales, a new start-up company within Maersk Line, is betting on customers’ imagination, and big growth.”

Brad Berman bought his first used shipping container in June 2014. It was dented and scratched, the paint was falling off and there were bits of rust scattered over the surface but its looks meant nothing to him. The Cape Town native and real estate developer was looking at the start of his new business.

Today, Berman is the co-founder of Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts, a Cape Town-based company utilising old shipping containers to build a variety of structures but primarily inexpensive high-quality sustainable housing. In South Africa, a nation with high unemployment and an abundance of informal settlement-type housing, Berman hopes to make a difference, and a profit.

“The potential number of uses for containers is so big in a place like South Africa. There are so many settlements in my country that could be replaced by these container homes. But the combination of quality, durability and price make containers ideal for housing but also clinics, schools, stores, almost any structure,” he says.

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How we made it in Africa Article

South African company making shipping containers feel like a ‘real’ house

South Africa suffers from a huge housing shortage. Despite the state building more than 2.6 million homes since 1994 under its Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP), the housing backlog is estimated at around 2.3 million families.

For those who do not qualify for a government-subsidised house and cannot afford the loan of an entry-level home, very few options are available.

However, Cape Town-based company, Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts, is looking to offer a sustainable housing solution through converting decommissioned shipping containers into low-cost homes.

The company was launched last year by entrepreneurs Brad Berman and Alicia Kalil, and while the concept of converting containers into homes is not new, the founders argue that no one is doing it like them. For example, their homes are designed so that no one could ever tell that they were ever once shipping containers.

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Engineering News – February 2016 Front page featured article


Modular Building Blocks Cape Town-based container housing developer Berman-Kalil Housing co-founder Brad Berman says, after seeing container developments abroad, he decided to investigate the possibilities of this style of building in South Africa.

“Shipping containers are the most wonderfully diverse modular building blocks that modern life has to offer and the potential, particularly in remote parts of Africa, where building is a logistical challenge, is enormous,” he says. Berman adds that the company has a variety of suppliers of the different shipping containers that the company uses, and the containers vary in size.

“The vast majority of our shipping containers come from shipping group Maersk, which has a large network of depots all over South Africa and abroad, as well as the ability to get the completed products to wherever their final destination may be.”

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The Cape Town container home on Homify

Square Elephant Container Home

“South Africans are known for their innovation and daring, which is why it’s no surprise that the country is home to some of the most stunning architecture on the planet. However, have you ever seen anything like THIS before?

The Square Elephant is a luxury home with a difference—it’s made almost entirely of shipping containers! The architects and designers at Berman Kalil went above and beyond with this concept, and have turned what was once an item of pure functionality into a fully functioning home. Hidden away in the mountains outside Hermanus, it’s off the grid but still has all of the fixtures and mod cons that a modern family needs…”

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Cape Talk : Green Property: Why container homes may be the way forward

Alicia Kalil, Co-Director, Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts speaks with Africa Melane about living in shipping containers.

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Interview on Cliff Central

Building a home is a high cost. On today’s show the team brings you alternative building methods that are beautiful, cost-effective, luxurious and complement the environment and surroundings. Alternative buildings challenge the status quo of the South African construction industry, and it provides people with alternative building techniques…

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